Revolutionize Dating

What if I am single, new to the dating scene or… it’s complicated?

It’s hard to know how to date while resisting sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, religious trauma, fatphobia, and more. As we deal with the realities of intersectional violence, just the thought of dating can bring up feelings of scarcity and hopelessness. From platonic to casual to committed, in any dynamic, our basic survival instincts to attach/detach can get activated. People can really get hurt. It is important to resist rape culture and also the societal myths that tell us we are not desirable, that we are not supposed to experience pleasure, or that we do not have choices. From ambiguous hangouts to small community breakups to new relationship energy, I’m here to support you to be safe and have revolutionary fun.

Learn anti-oppressive skills to:

  • stay connected and safe during COVID-19
  • find and vet potential dates
  • assess safety
  • manage social media
  • craft messages effectively
  • practice consent
  • create deeper connections & access intimacy
  • own privilege and power (gained/lost, earned/unearned)
  • end things respectfully
  • navigate small communities after a breakup
  • re-direct energy toward or away from people
  • budget and negotiate together time and separate time
  • develop online profiles and personal ads to match your goals
  • manage anxiety around community events
  • flirt intentionally
  • negotiate power exchange
  • practice self-care and accountability
  • thrive while healing

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